Nashville Zombie Walk

All righty then.  Zombies walking around downtown Nashville.  Why not?

The 2010 Zombie Walk in Nashville was the first one that I attended, however one of the participants I spoke with said that it was the fifth annual event.  The Nashville event starts at Riverfront Park and from there parades through downtown Nashville.

Some of the costumes are quite extravagant with what appears to be professional makeup.  Given the number of country music performances here in Music City that would not really be all that surprising either.

  2012 Nashville Zombie Walk – October 13, 2012

I missed the 2011 Zombie Walk by one day!  I looked to see when it was the day after it was held.  I didn’t miss the 2012 event though!  It was an off and on sunny / cloudy day but the temperatures were mild and the trees starting to show lots of color.  A perfect fall day for watching zombies take over the Lower Broad area of Downtown Nashville.

Once again I apologize for not getting shots of all the participants, but as can be seen by the photo at the left that would have been virtually impossible.  There were so many of them, most with truly outstanding costumes and makeup, that there was just no way to photograph them all in the time I had available.

If any of the participants want copies of their photographs, all they need to do is Let Me Know  The photos on this page are low-resolution web images and I will be glad to provide high-resolution copies of the photographs at no charge.  One of the advantages of not being a “Professional” photographer is that I don’t care whether I get paid for shooting or not ;)  I’m just out there having fun like everyone else!

  2010 Nashville Zombie Walk – October 10, 2010