Couchville Lake

Couchville Lake at Long Hunter State Park is a land-locked 100 acre lake.  Power boats are not allowed on the lake so it is quiet and peaceful.  There is an asphalt path completely around the lake so it is a good place to go and relax.  I used to go there a lot after work just to let my head clear for a while, and have only recently started visiting it again.

Couchville Lake – May 24, 2014

I haven’t been to Couchville Lake for a few months so I decided to head over there this afternoon.  Tons of people but not much in the way of birds or wildlife so I decided to shoot a afew scenics of the lake itself.

Couchville Lake – January 11, 2014

An unseasonably warm morning that began completely overcast yet turned into a brilliant day by 8:00 was in store today.  I drove to Couchville Lake to see what was on the water but all I really saw were Herons, Gulls, and some White-Tailed Deer.

Couchville Lake – December 27, 2013

I wanted to give Couchville another try to see if I could get a bit closer to the Hooded Mergansers, and I accomplished that.  Unfortunately I still couldn’t get “Close”, only a bit “Closer”.  They just plain don’t like for people to get remotely close to them and tend to stay well out into the lake.  Oh well, at least I got something ;)

Couchville Lake – December 1 & 7, 2013

I went to Couchville Lake on December 1 and saw a large flock of Hooded Mergansers out in the middle of the lake.  I walked all the way around the lake trying to get close to them for some photos but to no avail.  The closest I could get was still way too far from them so I got nothing worthwhile.  I went back again on December 7 and they were pretty much gone.  I saw a pair of them streaking along the surface of the lake but they disappeared and I still got no photographs worth having.  I did get a couple of shots of a Great Blue Heron and saw a bunch of Black Vultures devouring a deer carcass, but that was about it.  I also got one shot of a White Tailed Deer that was standing by the edge of the lake as I walked back to my truck.  Guess I’ll just have to try again ;)

Couchville Lake – December 4, 2011

I haven’t been to Couchville Lake for a while so I decided to go over there and walk around for a while.  While walking I was rewarded with the sight of a Blue Heron standing beside the shore of the lake.  Unlike the last one I saw there this one wasn’t very shy and I was able to get within about 60′ of him.  He ignored me so I just kept shooting.

Couchville Lake – January 16, 2010

The rain held off for a little while and even though it was cloudy it was somewhat warm so I rode my VFR to Couchville Lake to walk around a bit.  This Blue Heron was standing on the frozen lake looking somewhat confused.  They are shy birds and it never let me get close at all so these are the best shots I could get of it.

Couchville Lake – November 7, 2009


Couchville Lake – March 1, 2009

It’s amazing to me what a difference a few miles can make.  Take a look at the photos of Cannonsburgh Frontier Village in the snow taken on the same date and compare them to these!  As a matter of fact they were taken about an hour apart.  I left Cannonsburgh and drove straight to Couchville Lake, a trip of about 20 miles.  As can be seen in the photos below there was hardly any snowfall in this area overnight whereas Murfreesboro got several inches.

Couchville Lake – June 7, 2008