Aviation Heritage Park – Bowling Green, KY

I was looking at the news a few days ago and saw a mention of an aviation heritage park in Bowling Green, KY.  Wait, what??  An aviation heritage park in Bowling Green and I’m just finding out about it??  That just ain’t right!

Yep, it’s there.  The Aviation Heritage Park is most assuredly there, and since I was heading for Bowling Green today for the Tri-5 Nationals at Beech Bend Raceway it only made sense for me to take a look at it.  Not a large museum by any means, 5 airplanes, but they are absolutely immaculately maintained.  Every other outdoor airplane display I’ve visited has had airplanes covered with bird droppings.  No so for these birds.  They look as clean as they did they left the factory, and that is a difficult task to manage, and it is appreciated.  To many of us these airplanes, and the crews who prepared and flew them, are heros and deserving of some respect.  It pains me to see them filthy and unkempt, and when I see some like these that are well-maintained it makes me glad that there are still some others around who care.  So, Thank You!  To whoever it is that keeps them presentable for us to enjoy.

As I mentioned, there are five airplanes on display and photographs of them are below.  If you’re ever in Bowling Green stop by and take a look at them.