Music City Raceway – 2016

Music City Raceway is another nostalgic trip back in time for me.  The track celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2008, and back in the early days it was known as Union Hill Dragstrip, or just “The Hill”.  I went there several times when I was young so going again back brings back a lot of happy memories.

Southern Survival Shootout – September 24, 2016

It was hot today!  For the third day of fall it was REALLY hot.  As in about 93° hot!  But this should be the last time for a little while.  Even though we inevitably have a temperature “Surge” in mid to late October the temperatures this coming week are forecast to be in the mid 70’s, and that will be a welcome change!

But today it was hot and clear both in the stands and on the track.  Lots of cars on the property for the first day of the Southern Survival Shootout.  I went on Saturday only since I wanted to watch the NHRA race at St. Louis on Sunday and wasn’t disappointed.  Lots of cars, lots of speed, and despite the heat a good time was had by all.


Nostalgia Funny Cars and NHRA Drag Racing – July 9, 2016

Any time Funny Cars are at a local track so am I!  2016 is the 50th “Golden” Anniversary of the introduction of Funny Cars in the mid-1960’s, and I’ve loved them since I first saw a pitcure of one in Hot Rod Magazine as a kid.

There were four Nostalgia Funny Cars at the track today from the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Cat Circuit.  I didn’t get good photographs of two of them because they were parked in tight confines between trailers.


Dodge Omni owned and driven by Bill Walls of Warren, OH



1971 Mustang driven by Joey Haas



1978 Corvette driven by John Kwasniewski from Buffalo, NY



1977 Chevy Vega owned by Chuck Horvath and driven by Mark Horvath from South Bend, IN



Drag Racing – July 2, 2016

Despite being a hot and humid July afternoon I headed for Music City Raceway to watch the action for a while.  Also, despite it being a “National Dragster Challenge” weekend, there didn’t seem to be a lot of cars there, although it’s possible that some more came in after I left.  Eliminations started at 6:00pm and I got hot and tired about 5:00pm and headed for home.

Super Pro Racing – April 16, 2016

Music City Raceway had a $5000 Super Pro race today and I had to head up that way and watch for a while.  And, of course, grab a few photographs.

Many of the weekend “Regulars” were there and there were a lot of cars I had never seen before, including Top Alcohol Dragster drivers “Miss Mia” Tedesco and Jason Lynch.

Saturday NHRA Racing – March 26, 2016

What a gorgeous days!  It was pretty cool early, 36° to be exact, but it warmed up about mid-morning and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  In other words a perfect day to go to a race track!


Saturday NHRA Racing – March 5, 2016

It’s been a long winter without much racing going on.  I went to Arizona last week for the NHRA CarQuest Nationals but I’m ready for some local weekend racing to.  Thankfully today was the opening race at Music City Raceway so I got my fix for the week ;)