2016 NMCA Bluegrass Nationals

The 2016 NMCA Bluegrass Nationals was held at Beech Bend Raceway and since it was so close it was only logical that I drive that way and check it out.

Things did not look good on the way north though.  Around the Kentucky border it started clouding up, and about 10 miles out of Bowling Green it started drizzling.  I stopped and got some coffee and checked the radar and it didn’t look bad so I headed for the track.  It was 54° with the wind blowing about 10 to 15 mph when I got there, and for mid May that feels quite chilly!  But the rain quit, the clouds blew away, and the track dried out.  They got things started about 45 minutes later than scheduled so all in all it worked out.

Stroll Through The Pits …..

The clouds are plain in some of the pit photographs, but by the time things started happening on the track the skies were blue and the sun was out.

There are not a lot of pit photographs this time.  Due to the rain most teams appeared to be understandably reluctant to get their cars out of the trailers, and about the time people finally did start getting them out they were being called to the line.  Since I prefer track shots to static shots I headed for the track to.
Some pretty nice haulers and trailers were around to.  I’m gonna have to talk to my friends Stan and John about upgrading theirs a bit!

On The Track …..

Quite a mix of capabilities on the track!  The quickest run I saw was 6.xxx and the slowest was 16.xxx (I don’t remember the fractions).  That’s to be expected to a certain extent since these were just qualifying runs yet that was quite a difference among capabilities.  Regardless, some beautiful “Eye Candy” thundering down the track.