Kentucky Drag Boat Association – Kentucky Lake

I’ve never been to a drag boat event.  I’ve seen them on TV but never saw one in real life.  Over the winter I ran across a web site for the Kentucky Drag Boat Association and noticed that one of the locations their events are held at isn’t that far from me, so when the date came around I headed for the lake to see them run.  I could get used to watching them run ;)

They ran 5 of the Sportsman class brackets: Personal Watercraft, Stock Eliminator (11.00 – 11.99 seconds), Modified Eliminator (10.00 – 10.99 seconds), Top Eliminator (9.00 – 9.99 seconds), and Quick Eliminator (6.00 – 6.99 seconds), and it was great!  Lots of noise, lots of speed, but I did miss the long, smokey burnouts ;)