Music City Raceway – 2017

Music City Raceway is another nostalgic trip back in time for me.  The track celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2008, and back in the early days it was known as Union Hill Dragstrip, or just “The Hill”.  I went there several times when I was young so going again back brings back a lot of happy memories.

Dixie Doorslammers – July 29, 2017

I headed for Music City Raceway today for the second time this year.  The past couple of weeks have been horrendously hot for this part of the country, very hudmi with air temperatures in the mid 90’s and heat indices of 105° to 110°.  But a cold front rolled through overnight and today is bright and clead with lower humidity and a high in the low 80’s.

The Dixie Doorslammers were on the track today but I only saw a few of them.  I didn’t stay for the eliminations and when I left only a few had been on the track.  Regardless, it was a great afternoon.

Super Pro Races – April 15, 2017

I made my first trip of the year to Music City Raceway today.  Great weather and a lot of hot rods on the track.  They were holding a $5k-To-Win Super Pro race and as is usually the case at big-money races there were a number of cars there I hadn’t seen before.  Lots of fun, and it won’t be the last time I’m there this year.