2017 Red Bull Flug Tag

Reb Bull Flug Tag was held at Riverfront Park in Nashville on September 23.  What is “Flug Tag”?  In short it is an attempt at human-powered flight without dumping yourseld in the river.  In reality it seldon works out well and the pilot gets wet.  From the spectator’s point of view it is a hilarious way to spend a couple of hours.

Today was a cloudless September day, unfortunately it was an extremely HOT cloudless September day.  The starting time of the event wasn’t very well advertised, and in fact when I asked one of the event staff when it started he got it wrong to.  The only web site I saw that gave a time said it started at 11:00 which is what the staff member said as well.  But there was a sign on the barge that stated that things got started at 12:15 so I spent an extra hour in the heat which was NOT pleasant.

What also wasn’t very well advertised was the actual location of the event.  Everything I saw said that it was at Riverfront Park so that’s where I went with my trusty 18mm-300mm lens thinking it would be plenty.  In reality the launching barge was on the opposite side of the river several hundred feet away so my trusty 18mm-300mm lens wasn’t plenty.  It worked but I sure would have loved to have my 150mm-500mm lens and tripod.

Regardless it was a blast to watch so here are a few photos of the event.

I apologize for the photos below.  As I mentioned above I was shooting completely across the river with a lens that was a bit short.  The launching barge was so close to the far bank that I couldn’t get any separation between the pilots falling, uh that should probably be “Flying” but you can make up your own mind.  In some of the photos it’s hard to pick out the aircraft and pilot from the people on the far bank so my apologies for that.

The table of photographs has 5 photographs per row so there are 5 photos of each team.  That should make it a little easier to decipher what’s going on.
That was only a few of the teams but it was also all I could handle.  The air temperature was about 92° and the heat reflecting off that concrete and water was much worse.  I was starting to feel the effects of that heat so I walked out before someone had to carry me out.