My Photo Gear

Primary Cameras and Lenses

Tripods, Bags, and Misc

Lighting and Accessories

Computer and Software

Backup Camera

Really Old “Stuff”

  • Olympus OM2N 35mm SLR
  • Zuiko 50mm f1.8 “Normal” lens
  • Zuiko 28mm f2.8 Wide Angle lens
  • Olympus Winder 2 motor drive for OM2
  • Tamron 300mm f5.6 prime lens for Olympus
  • Tokina 75mm to 150mm f3.8 zoom lens for Olympus
  • Soligor 2x teleconverter for Olympus
  • Vivitar 3500 Flash with DM/O Dedicated Flash Module
  • Kiwi gadget bag to carry all my Olympus gear in
  • Kodak Signet 40 35mm rangefinder camera (circa. 1964)
  • Ansco Cadet II “Box” camera (circa. 1963)

I also carry the normal collection of miscellaneous accessories including lens cleaning gear, filters, sun shades, extra camera batteries, extra speedlight batteries, extra camera memory, etc.  It’s a relief not to have to carry a dozen rolls of film with me though!

I got the Ansco Cadet II box camera when I was about 14 or so.  I worked in a camera shop after school and on weekends, and that was my first camera.  My mother gave me the Kodak Signet 40 35mm for Christmas when I was 14, I think, and I shot miles of film through that poor camera. 

In about 1979 I bought an Olympus OM-10 and started my first “Real” SLR system.  I had used a lot of SLR (and TLR) cameras in the preceeding years but I had never owned one of my own.  I bought a couple of lenses for it, and in 1980 I bought an Olympus OM-2N since it used the same lenses as all the other OM system cameras.  I still have that camera and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Because of the way I acquired it it has very special meaning to me.

The Sony DSC-P50 was my first digital camera, and I think I purchased it in 2001 or so.  I don’t use it any longer but I still have it around here somewhere.  I bought the Sony DSC-H9 in 2008, but it seldom sees any use these days either.