Kars For Kids Car Show

2016 Kars For Kids Car Show

A beautiful spring day for a car show was the story today.  Brilliant clear blue skies with hardly a cloud to be seen.  A perfect backdrop the the myriad of colors present at the Baptist Children’s Home for the annual Kars 4 Kids car show.   Plenty of eye candy for everyone, and I enjoyed it immensely!

2015 Kars For Kids Car Show

I missed the past two years of this show because I could never find any information pertaining to it.  I finally found out that it is ALWAYS held at the Baptist Children’s Home on Franklin Pike south of Brentwood, TN on the third Saturday in April.  I’ve got it now so I’ll try hard not to miss any more of them!

Unlike the past two times I’ve been to this show it wasn’t cold today.  It rained much of the past week, and it is supposed to rain tomorrow, but today was just partly cloudy, mild, and a great day for a car show.


2012 Kars For Kids Car Show

I don’t know what it is about this show but the past two events, the only two I’ve been to, have been on the coldest, cloudiest, ugliest days in April.  Just like last year it rained for much of the night and when dawn broke it was more a lightening of grays as opposed to the sun coming out.  The only bright spots in the area were the machines that brightened up the area.


2011 Kars For Kids Car Show

Dawn today was more of a separation of grays.  It rained all night and was still raining lightly when dawn tried to fight its way through the clouds.  The sun never did manage to penetrate the cloud cover but the machinery on display in Brentwood today had its own inner light that brightened everything around it.